Learn a little more about our our beliefs,

values and what we stand for at Eventgrow.

What We Believe

  1. We believe participating in live events entertains, challenges, strengthens and ultimately helps us achieve more in life.  We believe we can create more participation in events by teaching event marketers the necessary skills to drive sales and fuel growth. We believe in simplifying event marketing, making it fun, and teaching it to the world. 

Our Values


Mom had it right with this one. We treat others how we want to be treated and show respect to everyone. 


Great relationships are built on great communication and the ability to listen to others. 


We're always curious and questioning whether something can be done better, faster or more efficiently.

Eventgrow Values


There's enough complicated info when it comes to marketing. We believe to cut through the noise you need to simplify, simplify and simplify again.



​Do the right thing. Reputation outweighs profit every time.

Eventgrow Growth tip


Our #1 focus for our customers

What Our Customers Say

Buffalo Marathon

Working with Eventgrow has allowed my business partner and me more time to focus on growing sponsorships and creating an amazing race experience. I don't recommend companies lightly, but I recommend Eventgrow strongly for any event wanting to grow.

Greg Weber CEO

Encinitas Half Marathon

Eventgrow's marketing programs helped get us a great result and provided us with the marketing direction we needed. Eventgrow gave us more time to spend on logistics, planning and developing a great event experience for our customers. They not only had great ROI for us, they followed through on everything they said they were going to do and really cared about us through the process. I would absolutely recommend them to any event looking to grow.

Bob Nichols CEO