Customer focused, data centric and driven by growth.

There are thousands of marketing agencies that generalize. That’s not us. We specialize in event marketing and use our deep expertise to fuel growth.

Event Marketing Experience and Customer Growth Built our Business.

Eventgrow was founded in 2018 by Andy Reilly. Andy is an event marketing expert with 13 years of experience in marketing and sales for events. Andy spent four years working at the ACTIVE Network, managing relationships with some of the top endurance and experiential events in the world, including Spartan Race and The Color Run.

At Eventgrow, Andy has led the growth efforts for several endurance events. Most notably, he helped the Buffalo Marathon achieve a 20% growth in registrations in two years. He improved return on ad spend by 25% for the San Francisco Marathon in 18 months. Most recently, he’s helped Run Catalina bounce back after the pandemic to grow their participation by 26%.

We're on a mission to help our event partners build a path for growth.

We leverage our 13+ years of event marketing experience to accelerate sales and deliver on our promise. We’re data-driven, creative, and specialized in event marketing. We value a fully remote lifestyle. Our motivated growth specialists live and work from wherever they are, allowing them more time to spend with family, friends, and their favorite activities.

What we value

Customer Success

Our clients are our partners. They're not a number or a transaction. They're just like us - eager to step forward and make a difference. Invest in their success and always have their back. Our success depends on it.


We believe in data and creativity, not assumptions. We cultivate an environment that’s constantly testing, learning, and adjusting. We experiment, which helps us come up with the best solutions for our partners and our company.


We're honest, transparent, and ethical. We take ownership of our efforts and communicate clearly with our partners every step of the way. We believe doing the right thing is always the right thing.


We value the exchange of knowledge and expertise. By empowering our team with opportunities to teach and learn, we ensure that we stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving event marketing industry.


We prioritize employee well-being with flexible work hours and a fully remote workforce. By giving our team the power to design their workday to fit their needs, we foster a motivated and rejuvenated workforce.


Fostering a growth mindset is essential in everything we do. We encourage our team to constantly seek out new opportunities for learning and development, both personally and professionally. This mindset extends to our clients as well, as we aim to help them achieve continuous growth in their event business.


We create solutions that accelerate event growth.

What our partners say

Our growth approach

1) Let's chat


The first step is for us to have a discussion about your event and your goals. From there, we can see if we would be a good fit for each other. No commitments, no pressure. 

2) Marketing Analysis


If your interested in our help, we then develop a checklist of marketing opportunities specifically for your event. 

#3 We Begin Execution

Strategy & Execution

We work with you to discuss timing, strategy and market fit. From there, we deploy our marketing execution plan and begin executing against it. 

#4 Learn & Grow


We monitor success as we go make adjustments to ensure the best possible results. 

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