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Tanner Bell is the co-founder and President of Ragnar, the world’s premier series of overnight running relay races. Tanner Bell has grown his series to host over 140,000 runners who participate annually in 18 ragnar road relay races and 19 trail relay races worldwide.

Biggest Takeaways

Staying true to your brand tenants (know your brand)

Over-deliver at your events. Surprise and delight
• Intimately understand your customer and constantly create feedback loops
• Be transparent and communicate often

Time Stamped Show Notes

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[1:19] – Tanner introduces himself and talks about his passion for the outdoors and entrepreneurship.

[2:07] – Learn about Ragnar’s humble roots as a group of passionate college students

[4:16] – The evolution of the event industry through technology

[5:02] – Tanner’s expertise in the event world: Entrepreneurship, Branding, & Marketing

[6:53] – How Tanner approaches creating and improving an event idea

[9:41] – Competing with popular experiential runs

[10:33] – Tanner’s analysis of trail running market around the world

[11:16] – What are Ragnar’s races like?

[12:20] – More on the process behind event ideation for the Ragnar Trail Series

[13:54] – How to create a feedback loop to improve your event experience

[15:51] – What Ragnar does with data to make decisions

[17:51] – Using focus groups to return a wealth of knowledge around an idea

[19:12] – Tanner’s Keys to creating loyal customers:

[23:44] – Having to cancel an event

[26:31] – Successful marketing strategies and principles at Ragnar

[28:25] – Using digital advertising effectively for your brand

[30:02] – Ragnar’s percentage of ad spend that goes to digital ads and utilizing grassroots advertising and brand ambassadors.

[32:53] – Two marketing campaigns that have been wildly successful for Ragnar

[33:57] – Precisely targeting your marketing campaigns

[35:13] – What are the high-value targets that you are missing?

[36:29] – Tanner’s resources that allow Ragnar to stay sharp
Entrepreneur On fire podcast
•In-house book club
Running USA

[40:02] – Tech tools Tanner can’t live without
Quip collaboration software

[42:54] – Tanner’s takeaway message for event professionals

Tools and Resources

Ragnar Official Website

Google Ventures

Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast

Quip Productivity Software

Slack Team Communication Software

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