Think Local, Be Authentic and Know When to Pivot – J.T. Service


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J.T. Service leads a growing assortment of endurance sports-focused companies, including Soul Focus Sports, Represent Running Series and Silverback Pacific. J.T. and his team specialize in event production for numerous clients like the San Francisco Giants, HOKA ONE ONE shoes, Cumulus Media, JP Morgan Chase, the Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, and the Hola Run.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Creativity lies in the interdisciplinary of domains. Combining elements of one experience with another is what can help your event stand out in a crowded market.
  • Invest in a social media manager so you can tell your brand story in a way that is unique and authentic
  • Know when to shut down a failing experience or event and shift your energy to the next opportunity.

Time Stamped Show Notes

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[2:20] – J.T. describes himself as passionate and loving life. “I do everything pretty darn hard.”

[2:55] – J.T. tells us about his unique experience managing his many companies

[4:32] – The journey as a race director, moving from juggling many roles to delegating

[5:34] – J.T.’s biggest challenge in event marketing

[7:20] – J.T. Talks about the growing diversity in the event and fitness market

[7:57] – J.T.’s approach to event marketing

  • Build your event from the ground up
  • Ask yourself which influencers will attend your event.

[9:37] – “Creativity lies in the interdisciplinary of domains.” How J.T. combined a marathon with the world of Major League Baseball.

[11:24] – A way to level up: View major events, festivals and more to expose yourself to new ideas

[12:11] – “Keeping your race local” and speaking to the local culture

[13:25] – The importance of having a dedicated social media manager on board.

[14:03] – Creating a voice that speaks to your audience

[15:29] – J.T.’s experience migrating an event to a new city

[17:49] – Lesson learned in event production 

Know when to shift your energy. Don’t be afraid to shut it down and restart.Click To Tweet

[18:23] – J.T.’s success with the Across the Bay 12k

[20:03] – Advice for new event professionals: Learn every part of your business

[21:20] – The importance of video content and quality photos to your marketing strategy

[23:32] – The opportunities for savvy social media professionals

[28:04] – Event tech tool suggestions

  • J.T.’s in-house marketing director, who dives deep into their data
  • Facebook Marketing: Keeps a consistent flow of visitors to your content
  • SEO and your Brand identity

[28:42] – What events inspire J.T.

  • Complex Con: a networking event for cutting-edge influencers
  • Agenda

[30:11] – J.T. shares what he’s looking forward to in 2018

[31:41] – The Facebook marathon, an event J.T. created for Mark Zuckerberg (see below)

[32:15] – J.T.’s takeaway for events professionals: Appreciate how lucky you are to work in the running industry

[32:56] – J.T.’s  contact information

Tools and Resources

Soul Focus Sports: a sports management group specializing in event management

Represent Running Series: a series of fun-focused and locally themed running events

San Jose 408 k

Across the bay 12k

Silicon Valley Half Marathon

Complex Con

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