Keeping Your Event Relentlessly Relevant with John Connors – The Color Run


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John Connors is the VP of event development for Biglsey Event House. Bigsley created The Color Run in 2011, which has hosted events for more than 5 million people in over 20 countries.  Bigsley Event House has introduced a number of other events such as Soul Pose Yoga and Pumpkin Nights.


Biggest Takeaways

  1. Focus on the value that your event delivers and allow the customer to give you constant feedback to improve the value delivered.
  2. Constantly challenge your team to think about how relevant you are to your consumer. Be Relentlessly Relevant!
  3. Continuously question whether or not you really know your customer and what they want.

Time Stamped Show Notes

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[2:34] – John shares his love of events and how he attends numerous events with his family.

[3:40] – John’s experience working with a small team of super-creative event production experts.

[5:42]Bigsley Event House’s unique marketing approach: Selling happiness

[7:04] – Responding to customer feedback and letting it guide your marketing

[8:25] –How a Super Mario Bros. graphic can remind you to sell value over the product


“We’re not selling a 5k, we’re selling connection and happiness and the memories that come with participating in the 5k.”Click To Tweet


[11:30 ]Keeping your event “Relentlessly Relevant”

[12:51] – John breaks down the evolution of marketing The Color Run

[13:24] – A behind the scenes look at The Color Run’s yearly themes

[14:43] – John’s biggest challenge to marketing: Storytelling

[15:32] – What John learned about being concise, from the book, “Six Word Memoirs

[17:55] – John’s lesson from failure: Fail fast!

[18:36] – Breaking the intimidation barrier with your events and marketing a yoga event

[23:04] – Tips for leveraging video to market your brand

[25:19] – 

“All successful brands should be a reflection of the current spirit of the times”Click To Tweet

[26:00] – Contracting videographers offers new skill sets, new ideas and is cost-efficient.

[27:42] – John pays attention to music album launches to level up his game, like Arcade Fire and Taylor Swift.

[30:18] – How much time should you spend attending other experiences and events?

[32:52] –What Jon is looking forward to ing 2018 and how the role of influencers, brand collaboration, and marketing continues to develop

[34:38] – John’s takeaway advice for event professionals and marketers: “Stay focused on people and stay curious.”

[35:05] – Question whether or not you really know your customer and what they want.

[35:45] – How to contact John


Resources & Tools Mentioned

Bigsley Event House

Six Word Memoirs

Arcade Fire

Taylor Swift

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