Lessons in event growth from top marketer Carly Graham – Night Nation Run


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Carly Graham is the VP of marketing and oversees sponsorship for the Night Nation Run, the world’s first running music festival. In 2017 Night Nation did over 30 North American Events and was also in Australia and South Africa. Carly sits down to talk about her marketing schedule, creating great content and what she thinks event marketers should do to get results.

Biggest Event Marketing Takeaways

  1. Every city and event must be approached differently, as the market factors and the local audience determine how you market.
  2. Content is king. It’s the reason Carly has been able to grow the night nation run to over 30 events. Get as many relevant images and videos that you can so that you have options during the year when marketing.
  3. You understand your brand better than anyone, but you need to surround yourself with other smart marketers that can help you build your skills grow your event. Don't just do it alone.

Time Stamped Show Notes

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[2:37] – Carly oversees marketing, brand partnerships and brand sponsorships at Night nation.

[3:33] – Moving from a career in sales, Carly took a position in digital marketing.

[4:24] – Carly’s biggest challenge in event marketing is time management as an event approaches.

[6:04] – Carly’s process for laying out a marketing schedule for an event

[7:41] – Two keys to Night Nation’s success

  • Having great content: Compelling images and video in your marketing
  • Remarketing to people who have already shown interest

[10:45] – The importance of video marketing and brand awareness.

“If you want their thumb to stop scrolling on your content then it has to be the most interesting, killer image or it has be a compelling video that grabs attention in the first 5 seconds.” - Carly GrahamClick To Tweet

[11:21] – The Challenges to marketing a fun-run/music festival combo event

[12:34]Tips for getting quality video from your event and how to market them

[14:14] – How to capture organic content by welcoming freelance videographers to events.

[16:50] – Carly’s marketing platform suggestions: Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords

[18:36]Evaluating marketing campaigns and what to look for

  • Understand your objective: registrations, conversion campaign, etc..
  • See your campaign through but know when to let go

[22:44]Carly’s marketing tech tool recommendations. Surprise, one of them is MS Excel!

[25:01] – How Carly stays current with marketing trends

  • Follow your competitors on social
  • Dive back into your own history and statistics
  • Blogging recommendations: John Loomer, Ryan Deiss

[27:28] – Events Carly is looking forward to in 2018: Event Tech, Event Marketer

[30:20] – Carly’s advice for newcomers to the events industry

“Know why your event is different from the rest, be aware of what you are doing and why, build skills by forming relationships with other experts”. - Carly Graham - Night Nation Run Click To Tweet

[31:12]”No Matter what event you are doing, it is an experience you are providing to someone.”

[34:29] – Carly’s goals for 2018

[35:39] – How to learn more about Night Nation Run


Resources & Tools Mentioned

Night Nation Run


Facebook Business Manager

Jon Loomer

Ryan Deiss

Traffic and Conversion Summit

Content and Commerce Summit

Social Media Marketing World

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