Overcoming competition and creating world class events with Ryan Cavinder – LA Marathon


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Ryan Cavinder Eventgrow show episode 2

Ryan is the marketing manager with Conqur Endurance Group, organizers of world-class endurance experiences like the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. Ryan talks about his approach to event marketing and shares what it takes to create unique, world-class experiences for runners.

Biggest Takeaways

  • Always leverage the data you have to make the best marketing decisions. Use a CRM to help you understand more about your customers
  • Always think about how you can differentiate and stand out from your competition. Leverage technology to get an edge
  • Get outside of your world and attend other events to get inspiration for yours

Time Stamped Show Notes

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  • [01:35] – Ryan previously organized public relations for the Los Angeles Angels and also handled the advertising for the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • [02:10] – What does it take to create unique, world-class experiences for Athletes?
  • [03:08] – The Biggest challenge to marketing events in southern California is competition.
  • [04:25] – Athletes have high standards as customers and it is important to keep up with those expectations.
  • [04:56] – Effective marketing campaigns and some of Ryan’s most successful techniques
  • [05:43]Using innovation to stand out from the crowd. Ryan embraced Snapchat Geofilters in coordination with the release of the new technology to maximize his event’s exposure.
  • [07:36] – What are Snapchat Geofilters and how they can be used to engage your audience.
  • [10:07] – Worst marketing campaign and what he learned. Ryan shares his experience trying and failing to engage athletes on social media with a hashtag contest.
  • [12:27] – The challenges for messaging to diverse marathon participants
  • [12:59]Ryan’s tip to new event marketing managers: Trust the data!
  • [14:15] – The not-so-obvious data that makes your event successful: what t-shirt sizes can tell you about your event participants.
  • [15:00] – Ryan’s suggestions for marketing platforms that work: Email, Facebook, and training apps.
  • [15:45] – Using tools like Sales Forces and Marketing Cloud to get the most out of Email.
  • [15:23] – The opportunities that Facebook can open
  • [17:20] – Training apps can be used to “Hyper-target” your clientele.
  • [18:32] – Using Facebook ads in combination with Facebook Messenger
  • [20:15]Ryan’s picks for the leading and innovative companies to watch
    • The NFL – At the forefront of Social Media and marketing technology
    • Music Festivals – Taking the experience to a new level with fantastic marketing campaigns.
  • [21:38] – How Conqur Endurance partnered with a creative app designer to create an original experience
  • [22:24] – Ryan is looking forward to attending Social Media Marketing World and Coachella for inspiration.
  • [23:17] – What are Ryan’s go-to marketing tools?
    • Data tools: Google Analytics, imAthlete
    • Creative tools: Canva, Photoshop, Adobe Spark
  • [24:50] – The events that Ryan is looking forward to in 2018
  • [26:34] – 
    'We need to focus on why our athletes are participating in these events. Tap into that and allow that to lead your marketing efforts.' - Ryan CavinderClick To Tweet
  • [27:34] – Ryan shares his contact information

Resources & Tools Mentioned


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