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The Problem

In 2017, the Buffalo Marathon experienced the first year in 16 years where participation actually declined from the previous year. All proceeds from the race benefit their nonprofit organization in Buffalo  - so every runner makes a real difference. 

The Diagnosis

The event is a 16+ year well respected fan favorite in the community of Buffalo, boasting a 93% positive approval rating amongst previous participants.  The decrease in participation wasn't due to a decline in the event experience itself (according to years of positive survey data and social signals), it was due to a lack of marketing resources. Their team needed help developing a marketing strategy anchored around what makes their event unique, and a team to execute that strategy to grow their event.   

The Plan & Results

Greg and his team came on board via our growth partner package. We dug into the data to understand the market competition, the customer profiles and what makes the event unique. We then developed video creatives and used them in nearly all of our paid traffic marketing campaigns to tell their story. 
In 12 months, we've increased participation by 1,500 participants and revenue by over $70,000 in comparison to the previous year. Our partnership has not only grown the event, it's given Greg and his team back precious time to focus on so many other aspects of the event. For example, Greg has secured two major sponsorships and is working on several more to bolster the event.

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Buffalo Marathon

Working with Eventgrow has allowed my business partner and me more time to focus on growing sponsorships and creating an amazing race experience. Since working with Eventgrow in 2017, we’ve grown our registrations and revenue by 20% and continue to hit record participation numbers for our event. I don't recommend companies lightly, but I recommend Eventgrow strongly for any event wanting to grow.

Greg Weber CEO

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The Problem

The Encinitas Half marathon was going into its second year in a very competitive market in San Diego, CA. Sales in year two were lower than expected heading into the last few months before the event. CEO Bob Nichols and his team needed some marketing campaigns that could jump-start registrations and get them back on a path to growth in year two.

The Diagnosis

In year one, Bob and his team put on a great event that won the support of the community of Encinitas and directly benefitted their non-profit organization. Bob and his team received great support and social proof from year one, but weren't fully utilizing this in their marketing campaigns or on their website. They didn't have the systems to track their marketing efforts to know what was really working and what wasn't - which created uncertainty when it came to what they spent on marketing.

The Plan & Results

Bob and his team took one of our one-day event marketing courses to learn what he and his team needed to do to better market his events and drive signups. We taught his team how to track their marketing efforts so they could say with certainty what was working and what wasn't. They also elected to have our team run a facebook and email marketing campaign that ended up driving over 120+ signups in a matter of one week. With the right guidance and support, his team is now on a path to success and their event is trending upwards for year two.


Encinitas Half Marathon

Eventgrow's marketing programs helped get us a great result and provided us with the marketing direction we needed. Eventgrow gave us more time to spend on logistics, planning and developing a great event experience for our customers. They not only had great ROI for us, they followed through on everything they said they were going to do and really cared about us through the process. I would absolutely recommend them to any event looking to grow.

Bob Nichols CEO

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